Powerful character, strong benefits

B:Hard is a composite parquet floor with a limited thickness of 11mm.
The top layer is a wood veneer that is hardened using a special process, resulting in a wooden floor with enormous technical performance!

This floor contains for the most part natural materials such as wood fibers and mineral substances, therefore 100% ecologically sound.
In addition, the floor has a beautiful lively appearance due to the rustic drawing and robust appearance. Also excellent to combine with underfloor heating because of the limited thickness, and therefore also very interesting for renovation of existing floors.
B:hard is harder than normal oak, but more comfortable than tiles. Wood is pure nature, which means that no plank is the same and therefore always unique. The Bhard floor is very strong and very durable, gives you the benefits and warmth of a wooden floor, on the other hand much stronger and easier to maintain. Sky-high wear resistance stands for an extra long life. The B:hard floors can be loaded more heavily than other wooden floors due to the special production process, and can therefore are ideal to be used for commercial purposes, such as shops, offices, and more…
In short, a floor with a powerful character and very strong advantages.

  1. Hardwax oil or UV lacquer
  2. Oak or Walnut top layer
  3. Wood powder layer
  4. High-quality and moisture-resistant HDF
  5. Wood powder layer
  6. Stabilization layer

Ecologically sound: just logical

B:hard is a pure wooden floor and a real natural product. That is precisely why an eye for the environment is important.
The trees are grown locally in sustainable forests. And thanks to a low formaldehyde content and a minimum use of hardwood, the floor is also ecologically sound. The floor is also reusable and recyclable.
B:hard: a floor with character.

Thanks to the Woodura® technology within the B:Hard floor, the maximum yield is achieved per trunk.
This produces up to 10x more floor space from the same amount of high-quality logs.

All material for the B:Hard floors is obtained from sustainably managed forests that are processed locally. Leftover material in production can be recycled and converted into filler material in new floors. For example, the amount of waste is minimized while the amount of floor per cubic meter of raw material is maximized.

Due to the low heat resistance, a higher efficiency is obtained with underfloor heating or cooling compared to a traditional wooden floor, and less heating means less burden on the environment.

Hard to dent, easy to install

The 5G installation system provides a visible and audible locking function. When a panel is folded down, a flexible tongue is pushed into a tongue groove. When the panel reaches its final position, the locking tongue snaps into a wedge groove, makes a “click” sound and locks the product vertically.

• Extreme hardness 2.5 to 3 times harder than oak.

• High scratch resistance: greater than 6N
For example, in normal use, office chairs on wheels do not leave any scratches.

• Fire class: Bfl-S1
Just below the category in which natural tiles fall. In addition, there is little smoke development.

• High slip resistance

• Good wheelchair stability

• Suitable for underfloor heating
Very good dimensional stability, so that heat is distributed evenly.

• Practical to lay
Limited thickness of 11 millimeters, easy and quick to install with a diamond saw blade and fixed lengths of the boards.

• Very easy to maintain
Comparable to a stone floor.

• Ecologically responsible Sustainable wood, low formaldehyde content (<0.05ppm) and minimum use of hardwood

What you need to know

For the connoisseur

The particularly high hardness of Bhard is the result of a special procedure in which veneer oak is pressed with a kind of grain and acrylic resin. This creates a special HDF that does not warp.