Pure Nature meets innovative High Tech

The advantages:

The most resistant real wood in the world
• more than twice as hard as solid oak
• less worries about cuts, scratches or stains
• pet and play friendly

Exclusive wood appearance
• excellent surface appearance due to wide plank format
• each plank is unique with natural color variations
• homely and warm for the feet
• pleasant feeling due to hard wax oil-like
• modern appearance with a rustic or lively character

Healthy living environment and sustainable floors
• for domestic and commercial spaces in normal use
• suitable for underfloor heating
• anti-static, antibacterial and suitable for allergy sufferers
• quick and easy installation thanks to the reliable 2G / 5G click system
• easy cleaning and maintenance

A sustainable product

Production is based on simple yet sensible principles that ensure the durability of our product:

We maximize the use of all raw materials. With our production systems we can calculate the perfect way to cut the log to get the different sizes and shapes. Any wood that cannot be used as a surface layer for a product is used as a filler material. Nothing is lost.

Leftover material in production can be recycled and converted into filler material in new floors. Thus, the amount of waste is minimized while the amount of floor per cubic meter of raw material is maximized.

We collect our raw materials from responsibly managed forests where the wood is processed locally. This means that transports are shorter and creates local vacancies.

Wood harvested in sustainably managed forests
The wood for the cured wooden floors comes from forests that have been sustainably managed and cared for on the basis of a very strict ecological, social and economic framework.


Maximize floor space from any trunk

B:hard is also a sustainable way to make maximum use of the raw wood material. By using thin layers of wood instead of thick, solid planks, a significantly greater amount of end product can be made from every cubic meter of wood.