Breaking out existing tiles is unnecessary

Contrary to popular belief, our Bhard parquet floors can be perfectly placed on tiles. It is even preferable to removing the tile floor first. Not only is breaking out a well-placed tile floor a long, expensive and arduous task, but you also run some avoidable risks, such as damaging underlying pipework, or damaging the underlying concrete layer, making it necessary to pour a new floor first.

Placing your B:hard parquet floor on tiles is a much better choice. If the correct way of working is followed, any type of parquet can be installed in this way and you can even work with underfloor heating.


Before you can start laying the parquet floor, the tile floor must first undergo a three-stage treatment. Everything starts with a thorough degreasing of the floor, after which the tiles are roughened using a diamond disc. This is necessary because the parquet adhesive will adhere better to a rough surface. To complete the preparatory process, the entire surface is degreased again.

Where do you buy a wooden floor for over your tiles / tiles?

If you have a tile floor or flagstones and you want a wooden floor now, come to Bhard. The experienced staff can help you with this and you will find a wide range of wooden floors so that there is also a suitable floor to lay on your tile floor. Of course you can also have the floor installed by Bhard. This way you can be absolutely sure that you will be fine! For more information, please call +32 89701662 during office hours.
Send an email to is of course also always possible.

Advantages of a wooden floor over a tile floor:
  • Faster to install.
  • Lay cheaper.
  • There is no need to demolish.

What you need to know

Keep in mind that placing parquet on tiles also means that you will increase the floor space. This means that doors, door frames and sills will also have to be adapted.