Extreme hardness, three times higher than regular oak, for example. Therefore, a remarkable scratch resistance.
Impressive slip resistance that literally and figuratively provides grip on use. Great fire retardant (highest fire safety class) that brings peace and confidence. In short: a longer lifespan and higher safety.
These powerful properties are the result of no less than seven years of research.

We are ready for the future Ecologically responsible floors from B:hard

B:hard Specials series

Wooden floors with beautiful natural weathered colors. Available in 9 different colors.

"Powerful character, strong advantages"

Ecologically responsible: B:hard is a pure sang wooden floor and a 100% natural product. That is precisely why an eye for the environment is important. The trees are grown locally in sustainable forests.

Copyright by nature


Healthy forest – Healthy floor

The basis for real B:hard parquet floors. Our floors come from forests that are cared for and managed in a sustainable manner. Your floor for life grows where nature thrives.


Tradition of wood-working

Transforming wood into high-quality floors is a craft with an old tradition. Age-old knowledge lies dormant in our staff, ready to wake up when special knowledge and love for wood is needed.


The right to a bit of nature

It is not for nothing that wellness oases are equipped with parquet. A little bit of nature in your own home will bring a sense of well-being and calmness, while conveying strength and energy.


Nature – the best designer

No tree matches the next. No parquet floor is the same. Nature ensures that every floor is unique. And Bhard uses this to make a parquet floor that’s just for you.
Something really unique.