Comfortable living with underfloor heating

You get a really comfortable warmth at home if you have underfloor heating. Enjoy walking around the house in socks or barefoot without getting cold feet. Wooden floors can be perfectly combined with underfloor heating. All popular floors such as herringbone and even wide plank floors can be easily combined with underfloor heating. In recent years, underfloor heating systems have started to rise. In addition to the energy-saving factor, the absence of radiators and even “radiant heat” are major advantages over conventional radiators.

Some advantages of underfloor heating:
  • Atmosphere in the house with a wooden floor.
  • Warm floor so comfortable.
  • Sleek appearance due to the lack of radiators.
  • Lower energy consumption due to low temperatures in the heating system.
  • Can be used together with a solar water heater.

Let us advise you about the possibilities

One of the questions in our showroom is whether underfloor heating can be combined well with a wooden floor. Some people don’t know that this is quite possible! But with the right wood products and trusted craftsmanship.
As a parquet specialist, we understand such matters and we can provide you with extensive information in our showroom.

Which underfloor heating systems are suitable to combine with a wooden floor?

In fact, all underfloor heating systems are suitable to combine with a wooden floor, provided the underfloor heating is properly laid / finished.

In short, there are 2 systems, hot water system (tube system) and electric. The latter system is not ideal for parquet floors and is usually only used in small spaces such as bathrooms or as additional heating. Hot water systems can again be divided into wet systems and dry construction systems.

  • The “wet” underfloor heating system
    In this form, the heating pipes lie in the (coating layer). So wet refers to the processing in the “wet finishing floor”.
    The finishing layer above the water pipes should be at least 3 cm due to strength and heat distribution in the floor.
  • The “dry” underfloor heating system
    In this form, heat conducting plates with gutters are placed on the existing finishing floor, in which the heating pipes will be laid. The pipes are then covered with a finishing floor. Although the dry systems are more expensive, the efficiency of the installation is higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wood has an insulating effect. Do I have sufficient efficiency from the underfloor heating?
It is true that wood heats up more slowly than, for example, stone or tiles. But wood also cools slower and therefore continues to give off heat longer. This means that you will use underfloor heating on a wooden floor differently than on tiles. The result is that underfloor heating on a wooden floor ensures a constant comfortable temperature.

Can I switch on the underfloor heating immediately after laying the wooden floor?
Do not set the heating too high too quickly after laying the wood floor. The wood then expands too quickly and can crack. You can regulate the heating speed with a modulating boiler.

Should we take extra account of the humidity?
Keep the humidity in the room in question constant as much as possible. The ideal relative humidity for a wooden floor is 60%. You can measure this with a hygrometer. Special humidifiers are available with which you can increase the humidity if necessary.

What are the disadvantages of underfloor heating?
Fair? A floor heating system does not have any real disadvantages.
If we have to name something, then it is the relatively high purchase price. Although you will eventually save money with the intended energy savings, you will first have to pay for the purchase.
In addition, a drawback with existing homes is that the underfloor heating in, for example, a poorly insulated home does not fully suffice as main heating. That is why we advise you to always take good precautions in your entire home before you purchase an underfloor heating system.

Parquet on underfloor heating is an ideal combination of warmth, comfort and a beautiful floor!